Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Selfie without make-up

No make-up but the baby brings out my eyes
Apparently if you don't post anything on your blog for a while, they shut it down. For the last week, I was absolutely sure my blog had become extinct. I was already preparing a funeral, and working on the title and layout of my new replacement blog (on the rebound?). But now that I've dug up the courage to check online, I am genuinely relieved to find that Confessions of a Wannabe Writer has not mirrored the fate of the dodo.

To celebrate its existence, tonight I'm doing three revolutionary things.

One, I'm writing a blog post, the first in six months. Despite realizing that probably no one out there is going to read it, that I've justly lost any faithful readership I might have had (and you know who you are, Mom). I might just be writing for myself tonight, in true confession style.

Two, and this is the big one: I'm not writing this on a separate Word document over the course of two hours, pondering over whether to use a colon or a semicolon and finding themes and subthemes that run through the blog post and neatly converge at its climatic, hilarious end. I'm not going to edit and redit. I'm going to stick to my recent promise to practice brevity, economy. I'm simply writing, typing as I think. This blog post will be a selfie without make-up. Ha, and I've just spontaneously changed the title of this post (and thus the entire topic!) to reflect just how spontaneous and go-with-the-flow I can be. Woohoo! After this I might just run around the house in my underwear, because that's what spontaneous, hip, revolutionary thinkers do. As well as use words like 'selfie' instead of 'self-portrait.'

Three, I'm not going to pee until I finish writing.

Ok, so now I've written myself into a corner. What is the topic of this post anyway? I'm writing to save my blog, to save my writing. I'm writing to say hello to you, if you're out there. I'm writing to say that, despite my pressing bladder, I'm bursting with words and with things I'd love to tell you. About all the writing I've been doing (always at night, once the kids are in bed), and all the white tea with goji berries that I've been drinking in order to do it. About all the copyediting I've been getting paid to do, about how I might just be able to make a career out of this writing/editing thing. About the book I'm reading, in Italian, and about all the beautiful little gems of phrases I've found in it.

There's so much I'd like to share, so much to catch up on. But it will have to wait. Because this is the first blog post in six months and you have every reason to distrust any promise of regularity. Because I promised to be brief. And because I badly need to pee.

Till next week.


  1. :-) And I'm the first to comment & to prove that at least ONE person other than your mom reads this. I should take your decision to come back as an incentive and write some new posts myself, I gather. For the mo', I'm just happy that one Wannabe Writer takes up her/his Confessions on the WWW. xoxoxo from Paris

    1. You're so sweet, what would I do without you? I haven't been blogging NOR following my blogs. First to catch up with will be YOURS xo

  2. Che ganza che sei Heddi :)

    1. Oh, grazie, bb! Torna presto che avro' delle sorprese sul blog!