Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you

I'm writing to you from my husband's hometown of Dunedin - at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, where looking out to sea there's nothing between us and the South Pole - to thank you. Thank you for reading my blog over the last five months. Thank you for 3,005 hits from all over the world. Thank you for having a quiet laugh at my posts and for reading bits of my manuscript. Thank you for becoming a follower and for writing comments. Thank you for trying to become a follower but running into technical problems. Thank you for voting on potential book titles and potential publicity shots and for generally making me feel like one day I will have a title and a publicity shot and a book on a shelf in a bookstore. Your support has filled me with optimism and inspiration. I don't have the words to thank you for that. And it's not often that someone like me remains speechless.

Happy holidays to everyone. Tanti auguri! May you be showered with support, inspiration and champagne. I so look forward to the new year with you. I feel great things await us!


  1. Happy New Year too you as well! And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  2. Happy new year, Heddi! Thanks for finding me and for commenting. I've finally (!) added you to my blogroll and have been by for a few surreptitious visits. Hope you are enjoying your time in Dunedin.

  3. Tanti auguri anche a te Heddi!!! Love!

  4. Tracy, I hope the new year has started off well for you too!
    Jennifer, it's an honor and a compliment to be on your blogroll - thank you!
    Noemi, grazie e auguri anche a te! Spero sempre di poter presto leggere il tuo libro - ti aspetto!