Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad as in 'bad'

Wonder Woman,
           I’m bad. I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog posts. And I had promised to. But the truth is that I’m not blogging not because I’ve given up on writing but because I’m writing too much. I’m freelance copy-editing for a prestigious European academic publisher. And I’ve recently started re-editing my own manuscript Lost in the Spanish Quarter, which I have thus decided to remove temporarily from this blog. Goodbye, 100 pages! And I hoping to say arrivederci to another 75. The impossible is actually happening.

Oh, and all the while I’ve been taking care of my newborn and my five-year-old. So I might be bad but also a little bit cool. Like Wonder Woman cool, at least when I don’t have spit-up on my jeans or banana in my hair.

But I can’t do it all…so blogging will have to put aside for a few months. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my older posts, also to be found as a collection at

So watch this spot. I’ll be back even badder, with an entirely new, kick-butt manuscript for your perusal. Cleaner, meaner and ready finally to find the perfect literary agent.


  1. Are you still freelancing as a copy editor? if yes, then please let me know.

  2. Hi Matt, sorry for the delay. I've only just returned to blogging now that I have a bit more 'free' time. Yes, in more of that 'free' time, I do copy-editing. If you like, you can contact me directly at